Friday, August 22, 2008

To Gardasil or Not To Gardasil?

My friend Gina just forwarded me this link:

Funny, this is sent to me today, because I have three doses of this sitting in my refrigerator, for my 12 year old daughter. I had just been thinking about this today. Do I give it to her or not? I had these same questions about 13 years ago when they came out with the chickenpox vaccine. Do I give this to Chase and Anna, or not. I choose NOT to. They both came down with the pox, and both did fine. No complications, no scars. When Natalie started preschool in Colorado, what, 4 years ago, the chickenpox vaccine was required to get in. By this time, with my research, I did deem this vaccine safe for her. No complications. I understand she will need a booster when she is older.

But this Gardasil? I really have to question this...At this time, I have decided that I will NOT vaccinate my daughter with this.


Jen Eagan said...

Thanks for the link, Cheryl, I had been hearing whispers here and there (not literal whispers, just mentions of Gardasil=bad with no further explanation) and had been wondering what was going on.

Davis Family Blog said...

Oh WOW! I would be freaking out if I had to make that decision! I guess my thoughts are we're just fine and we never had it...

Rosalie said...

Allison had the first of 3 and then I decided against the other two. Something about it made me uncomfortable. Just a "feeling".