Friday, November 27, 2009

February Stars by The Foo Fighters

I'm hanging on
Here until I'm gone
I'm right where I belong
Just hanging on

Verse 1

Even though
I watched you come and go
How was I to know
You'd steal the show

One day I'll have enough to gamble
Ill wait to hear your final call
And bet it all

I'm hanging on
Here until I'm gone
I'm right where I belong
Just hanging on

Verse 2

Even though
Passed this time alone
Somewhere so unknown
It heals the soul

You'll ask for walls I'll build them higher
We'll lie in shadows of them all
I'd stand but they're much too tall
And I fall


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009



The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is releasing the following pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes 16-13-901 through 16-13-905, which authorize law enforcement agencies to inform the public of a sex offender’s release when the offender has been determined to be a sexually violent predator. The purpose of this notification is to enhance public safety and protection.

The individual depicted in this notification has been convicted in Colorado as a sex offender who must register with law enforcement. He has been determined to present a high potential to re-offend and is therefore subject to community notification regarding his living in your community.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has no legal authority to prohibit sex offenders from living in our community. Sex offenders have always lived in our communities, but they were not required to notify law enforcement until registration laws were implemented.

Sexually Violent Predator

NAME: Larry Ivan Finell
AGE: 66
AKA: Larry Finell
DESC: White male, 6’1”, 218, blue eyes, gray hair
ADDRESS: 11953 West Stanford Drive, Morrison
VEHICLE: Unknown
CONVICTION: Attempted sex assault on a child (felony) 2007 & sex assault on a child (felony) 1988
OFFENSE PATTERNS: Sex assault on children

There are about 10,100 sex offenders registered in Colorado, including about 300 in unincorporated Jefferson County. The Sheriff’s Office is available to provide information regarding sexual assault and personal safety. The Rape Assistance Program (303) 322-7273 is available to make referrals to other local resources to help those who have been impacted by sexual assault or this notification process. If you have information regarding criminal activity by Schreiber or any other offender, please call 911 or (303) 271-0211.

For more information on sexual offenses, sexually violent predators, and personal safety tips, please visit our Web site at

New Moon Premier...

12:35am November 20th, 2009
Highlands Ranch AMC 24

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2009/2010 School Pictures

Anna-8th Grade
Natalie-4th Grade

So Proud...

I am alittle behind in my posts. This was given in September. Near the beginning of school.
Way to go Girl! Mom and Dad are sooooo proud of you!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stuff Christians Like

Today I just sat down at my computer, and my heart was heavy longing to have a little 4 year old boy running around my feet. Oh, how different my life would so many ways! During times like this, it never fails that I receive a message from somebody, telling me about how their life was changed because of Maddux. I just wanted to share this message I received from Wendy Maybury today.

"Okay Cheryl, you have to hang with me for a second, because this is a little long...

Yesterday my friend Jon Acuff (he lives next door to my Mom and Dad) funded a $30,000 kindergarten in Vietnam in 18 hours.

He has a website with a lot of visitors.. (it's kind of a big deal..)

He was inspired to do this because I built a well this year in Africa.

I did this because I wanted to do something proactive to help children, (and 4,500 kids die ever day from dirty water...)

I wanted to help children because of volunteering with nilmdts... it was leaving me a lot heartbroken because I couldn't do anything to save the babies I was photographing...

I volunteered with nilmdts because it existed only because of one little guy, Maddux.

So because of him, the whole nilmdts amazing work happened, 250 in Africa will have clean water when the well is finished, 260 kids got a school yesterday and now he's working on a second school today. (another 250 kids.)

I am so awestruck with the way that good moves... like ripples from a stone thrown in a pond.

I know you would rather hold Maddux and watch him grow. I thought you would be proud to hear of more good in the world he inspired."



Thanks for letting me share another part of my son with you....Cheryl

Homemade potato salad...

Grandma would be proud.

Happy 26th to my nephew, Sean.

We love you!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5th-on his own!

Don't see anybody else in that car, except Chase...
My sleepless nights have started all over again!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just Breathe by Pearl Jam

Just Breathe
(you can play on the bottom of my playlist)

Yes I understand that every life must end, aw huh,..
As we sit alone, I know someday we must go, aw huh,..
I’m a lucky man to count on both hands
The ones I love,..

Some folks just have one,
Others they got none, aw huh,..

Stay with me,..
Let’s just breathe.

Practiced are my sins,
Never gonna let me win, aw huh,..
Under everything, just another human being, aw huh,..
Yeh, I don’t wanna hurt, there’s so much in this world
To make me bleed.

Stay with me,..
You’re all I see.

Did I say that I need you?
Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn’t now I’m a fool you see,..
No one knows this more than me.
As I come clean.

I wonder everyday
as I look upon your face, aw huh,..
Everything you gave
And nothing you would take, aw huh,..
Nothing you would take,..
Everything you gave.

Did I say that I need you?
Oh, Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn’t now I’m a fool you see,..
No one know this more than me.
As I come clean.

Nothing you would take,..
everything you gave.
Hold me till I die,..
Meet you on the other side.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

Anna and her friend Danielle
Natalie and her friend Katie
Chase and his friend Cole