Monday, July 30, 2007

Titanic Exhibit at the Denver Museum

If you know me at all, you know that one of my favorite movies is Titanic. I can watch this movie over and over...So when I found out that artifacts from the Titanic were going to be at the Denver Museum, I had to go. It was really interesting. What was really cool...When you entered the exibit, you received a boarding pass. This boarding pass had information on it about a real passenger boarding Titanic. At the end you were able to see if your person survived.

I was Mrs. John G. Sage (Annie Elizabeth Cazaly) (44) from Peterborough, England. My husband and our nine children (oldest being 20 and the youngest was 4) were traveling to Jacksonville Florida, in pursuit of a better life. My husband, John, purchased a pecan orchard there. Well, sad story is, we were traveling 3rd class. None of us survived. My family was the largest lost (in numbers of family members) on the Titanic. Really sad, huh?

Natalie was Miss Annie J. "Nina" Harper (6) 2nd Class-Survived
Chase was the Reverend John Harper (Nina's father) - Died
Anna was Miss Jean Gertrude Hippach (16) 1st class - Survived. She was traveling Europe with her mother trying to recover from the death of two brothers in the Chicago Iroquois Theater fire.

I really found this educational not only to my kids, but myself as well, by giving us these boarding pass of actual people aboard the Titanic. Please read the links above about the passengers on the Titanic.

Visit with my friend Mary from KC

My friend Mary and her son, Tyler, made an unexpected visit to our home in Colorado this past week. Since we all loved white water rafting, I suggested another trip. This time we hit Clear Creek Rafting Co. in Idaho Springs, and rafted on Clear Creek...This trip was totally different that the Arkansas River. We had to wear helmets, because of the shallow water and the rocks, and it was about 60degrees outside, with a water temp of about 45...I am so glad the girls and I wore a waterproof jacket...Chase wishes he had also. We all had a blast! We got stuck in this little (I have no idea what you call it) suction 'surf'. Water was pouring into our boat, and we couldn't get out of it...I thought Anna and Natalie were going to 'flip' out. Luckily our guide, got us out of the suction, and we went merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weekend Get Away

The girls went to see 'Hairspray'...
Boys went to Check out Jessica Biel in
'I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry'
(If John doesn't win an Oscar for his role,
there is no justice in this world...)
View from above
Getting ready to cross the Royal Gorge...
View from the 'other side' looking at the bridge
Our guide 'Flip' and the family

The husband and I were able to take the kiddos on a short weekend trip. Stayed at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs. Spent one day rafting with the company River Runners on the Arkansas River and sight seeing at the Royal Gorge.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Favorite Pix's of Chase

Previous tourney play-Note the score-We were the Visitors...
Again, hence, the funny face...
"Hollywood" I always wondered how the right toe of his shoe always wore out...

It doesn't seem like I ever have any pictures of Chase.
He usually runs from my Camera, or makes a funny face.
Here are some of my favorites from the last ball games...

Evergreen Storm Baseball

' NatGirl'
Evergreen Storm and the Lakewood Tigers
Evergreen Storm Players and Parents

Ok, I know alot of you are wondering what happened at State playoffs...
We played alot of incredible teams. The Storm made it to the Championship Game, beating Dakota Ridge to get there. Congratulations to the Lakewood Tigers for 1st Place. Congratulations to the Evergreen Storm for 2nd Place.
Score 5-4 Very Close!!!

I would like to express my disapointment with how this tournament was run. This was the STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS! It felt like just another ball game. All of these teams that made it this far paid alot of money to play in the State Championships. I would be very interested in knowing where this money went to. There was no hype whatsoever. Nothing was advertised. Even the concessions closed early...Most fields were not prepared. There was no backup for rained out games. Shame on them...
On an upnote: At least we had lights...

The Haggard Firecrackers...

Perfect light? Wouldn't you say?
Ever get the idea that Anna wants to be a model?
Happy Birthday Daddy...

Here is Chase trying to teach Jeter how NOT to fetch Smoke Bombs...Stupid Dog.
I like to think of us as being patriotic. I teach my children to respect the American Flag, That we are lucky to live in the United States of America. When Natalie sees a soldier at the airport, she likes to say hello and Thank you to them. We still hang our large flag on 9/11 in honor and remembrance. I teach my children about the soldiers in Iraq, and the sacrifice they and their families are making to keep us safe.

With that said, here are some images of my family, on July4th, which also happens to be my husbands birthday.

Trip to MO

Anna and Nat with my mother and one of her home grown tomatoes,
that the squirrels did not get ahold of.

Anna on her favorite tire swing...
Me with Connie and Billy
My family...I can't believe Chase is taller than me...


Planned a quick trip in less than 24hours. Got my windshield replaced, checked the oil and tires, washed my car. Did all the laundry. Put the carrier on top of the car (me and Chase) Packed, picked up the house. Loaded up the Kids, dogs, fed the cats, and we were out the door. (Friday 4:30pm) Drove from Evergreen to Kansas City, (with an overnight in Salina KS) visited with my friend Mary, and her son Tyler. Picked up Mike from the Kansas City Airport, (Sat afternoon) ate dinner at my favorite KC restaurant (Margaritas) went bowling with Mary, Tyler and my family...Got back on the road, and drove to Lake of the Ozarks, while my husband slept...Made it to my brother Greg's house. (early Sunday am) Unloaded...Had to be back on the road Thursday for State playoffs in Colorado for Chase's Baseball team starting Friday.
My mother came over the next day, fixed breakfast, showed Anna again how to fry green tomatoes (her favorite).

We were able to have a nice visit with my mother and step father, Paul. Kids loved shooting off fireworks, (no ban on them like in Colorado) My brother Greg loved shooting them off too, I got a scar on my belly to prove it...LOL! Mike, Chase and Greg were able to do some golfing. After 9 holes Chase became the desiginated driver...Kids got to go to the creek and catch crawfish and frogs. (Sadly I didn't go...darn!)

One of the highlights was getting to visit with my very good friend Connie (who was a foster mother to me for a time while I was growing up) and her husband Billy who flew in from Antigua, where they own the Mad Mongoose Bar and Grill. I haven't seen her since we both lived in Florida.

Here are some great pictures of our trip...It's true about what they say about pets and their owners...Starting to look alike. This is my brother Greg's new pet "Bob." Can't tell them apart? Greg is the one wearing sunglasses...LOL!

Sorry that we weren't able to make the rounds to everybody. This was an unplanned trip, that was pulled together very last minute. We did not have alot of time. Hopefully, we will be able to get around again this summer. I know that some of you said that you would be visiting us, soon. Hope this still stands true. (but I am not holding my breath...)