Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Here are The Beckers from Pueblo Colorado. Affiliated photographers, area coordinators and Certified Trainers. They were available to help answer questions.
I am honored to be a speaker at the Support Organization for Trisomy 18, 13 and Related Disorders, during their Chapter Chair Luncheon, on Friday July 25th. Please visit their web site, and pass it on if you know of a family dealing with a Trisomy. Here is the beautiful ending slideshow presentation that Tasha put together. ENDING TRISOMY VIDEO PRESENTATION

Monday, July 21, 2008

Memories of the Jonas Brothers...

DAUGHTERS-Ky, Anna and MacKayla Beautiful sunset in the background...
MOTHERS-Myself, Ali and Tammy...
OMG!!! It's the Jonas Brothers!!!
McKenna, Katie and Natalie getting ready for the show.
Anna and Ky, showing their style.
Yes, here they are. I must admit, we all had a really good time.
I think EVERY girl in Colorado between the ages of 5 and 15 were at this concert.
Not to mention all the hot moms....(meaning us)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

What's up...Cheryl's Movie Review.

Let's see...Chase left for Florida on the 12th with his friend John. He comes home on Monday the 21st. Natalie left on the 10th for Steamboat Springs again with a friend, for three nights. So it has been a girl week. While Nat was gone, Anna and I went to see the Movie WANTED. (very good) Angelina Jolie, truly is hot! She plays these roles, so well. And James Mcvoy...well, let me just say he has passed Patrick Dempsey on my A list...I first noticed him in Atonement, then last night we rented Penelope. He is a cutie. Anna thinks so too.

So, yesterday the girls and I went to see Momma Mia...Anna had been really wanting to see this. It was really cute. I am impressed with the singing. So, I recommend all the above mentioned movies. I have added an ABBA song to my playlist. Hope you enjoy!

JoBro's in Concert...

Guess what I get to do tonight?
If you guessed sitting with a bunch of young screaming girls,
going nuts over the Jonas Brothers...
Two of them being my own...You guessed right!
Wish me luck...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Need your VOTES...

BBQ Smackdown 2008
Benefiting NILMDTS
in San Diego

Nobody really knows when or how the trash-talking started, but Skip Cohen of WPPI/Rangefinder and photographer Carey Schumacher are locked in a battle over who can grill the best steak. The winner will finally be decided once and for all at the BBQ Smackdown 2008 on Monday, August 4th in San Diego, California. Join photographers from all over the country for this photographers' event of the summer! There will be a catered picnic lunch, fun, games, and prizes. All proceeds benefit NILMDTS and part of your ticket is tax deductible! There are a limited number of tickets available, so PURCHASE TICKETS BY CLICKING HERE.

The girl has got some talent...

Here are some of Anna's self portraits taken with her own camera.
She is her favorite subject...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Family Vacation. FINAL-Mixed images

Ok, so I want to wrap up my vacation posts. Again, I can't stress enough, what a wonderful time we had at Lake Havasu. This is also due to the fact of having not to worry about NILMDTS. It was wonderful and relaxing knowing that somebody (Jessica) was taking care of this organization. I remember being in Havasu two years ago, and always carrying my cell phone with me. Trying to check my VM when I found a signal. (not often)
So, thank you to all, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Havasu Sunset
Kylie and Anna
Kylie and John
Natalie and Julia
Katie and Natalie
Anna and Kylie
Chase and Mike
Ali and Cheryl

Jamie and Kylie in the water
Anna Onassis

Katie, Anna and Nat
Me and Ali
John and Mike
Kylie, Anna and Katie
Nat, Katie and Anna in the back...

Chase hiding behind his foot...
My little buddy...

Family Vacation. Part 13 WaveRunner Heaven

Mike and Phil rented wave runners for a day. The boys loved them!

Chase and Kylie
He loved every minute of it...

Family Vacation. Part 12 Natalie learning how to WakeSURF

Here is my friend Ali teaching Natalie how to Wake Surf...

Keep the tongue tucked in...

And down you go...