Saturday, February 23, 2008

Music to my blog:

If you haven't already noticed, I have added some music to my blog. Some of the songs might be a blast from the past for you...they remind me of when I first met Mike. (we used to dance to Information Society, Pure Energy-and let me tell you, Mike can dance...)Other songs are more recent, relating to Maddux. One song, especially, that I listened to after his death...Just as loud as I could in the car-of course with out kids, called My Immortal by Evanescence -The Live in Paris version...I have recently fell in love with the song my Michelle Featherstone called Sweet Baby...Brings tears to my eyes...Other songs, are just some of my all time favorites...I also like the song from the Pearl Harbor soundtrack. And, boy o' boy, the message from the Black Eyed Peas, 'Where is the Love...'I wonder that ALL the time. Our world is totally messed up...I have alot of songs from the Movie, Love Actually...One of our favorites. Mike is ALWAYS traveling, and the end scene in the airport, with people meeting their loved ones, touches my heart every time. I have my list set to shuffle, so hopefully when you visit again, there will be a new song playing....
Thanks again for visiting.

The internet...what an incredible tool!

On a side note: Chase is really into music. Alot of metal...But, I would NEVER subject you, the listener to it...And Anna...totally opposite from Chase. She is more into the 'shake your booty' tunes...My Natalie? Hannah Montana-all the way...and some of Anna's booty shaking tunes...

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