Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another Pencil Portrait

The picture above (in the header of thie blog) of our family was taken by a nurse in the hospital. This is the only image of ALL of us together. The picture is awful. Similiar to the one below. One of the NILMDTS photographers took the image and soft touched it in a sepia tone, but Tasha took it to the pencil mode. I love it. I have decided to use it as our header.I loved this image of Natalie and Maddux together. Can see the emotion in her face, and feel the emotion in her touch? Did I ever use this image? No. Why? Original Image: The lighting is blown out, and the image is blurry. This was taken by the nurse with my camera. Here is the image, that has been 'penciled,' again thanks to Tasha Nichols. Same emotions. Same feelings. She will cherish this image when she grows up.

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