Monday, February 25, 2008

The Flu Bug:

This bug has been running through my family. First with Anna, then Chase, now me. I swear...I even got the flu shot...and I still got this nasty little bugger...I think that if you get the flu, after getting your shot, you should be reimbursed your $25.00
The girls had state competition yesterday. There I was, sitting for 7 hours with a fever, chills and nasty cough. Got home last night, and was basically delerious...

Mike and I are leaving town tomorrow for Las Vegas with our friends Ali and Tony...I have started a round of antibiotics...and that stuff to get rid of the mucus guy...(You know the commercials...) He has taken up residence in my body...yuck!!!

And the bummer is, we NEVER get sick. Last time I was sick like this was in September 2005. I had the worst case of the flu that I have ever had...

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