Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Munchausen by Internet

I learn something new every day!  But there are somethings I would rather not learn...Like this:  Munchausen by Internet.
What kind of person wants to pretend to be the parent of a terminally ill baby, or even that of a dead baby?  What kind of person preys on the emotions of those that have a special needs child, or the emotions of a parent that has experienced the death of a child? What is this world coming to?


Becky said...

I belong to a triplet forum and a few years ago we had a young woman who we felt suffered from 'this condition'. One of the members finally called an investigation because she scammed several ladies for substantial amounts of money and baby items. Yahoo has a list of multiple fakers and Mandie Johnson is on it. Very elaborate. One of the Boston t.v. stations did an expose on her. I have wondered if anyone considered prosecution in 'this situation'.

Cheryl Haggard said...

Another person commented on this syndrome over a year ago:

"Even if caught red handed, the faker will not stop operating. It is a compulsion. She will just create a new screen name, a new online persona, and continue the charade in another community" <--- or in the same community as one or ten or twenty more alts."

I so agree with them.