Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Scam

Chicago Tribune article  I hope the editor with this paper, will assign another reporter to this story, and do the research on what actually happened.  I believe the article is poorly written and that she received most of her information from the con artist.  

I did not follow this woman's blog, and honestly did not hear about her, until early this week, when somebody called me and asked me if she had maternity images taken with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.  I got on her blog, which showed only the last two posts, one by Raechel and one by 'D'.  I called NILMDTS headquarters, made them aware of the situation and asked them to follow up.  This woman's actions have really disturbed me, and what she did to the honest, good hearted people that reached out to her to try and help her.  Then, I woke up this morning...

Early afternoon, today, I found out and it is confirmed that she actually DID use the services of one of our volunteer photographers.  She conned a person (a professional photographer) that gives selflessly their time, their heart and monetarily to NILMDTS and to the families that are experiencing the death of their baby, by creating beautiful and lasting memories of the time spent with their child.  Whether in the womb or out of the womb.

This woman, took this from just blogging on line, quite a step further.  Having a maternity session, had nothing to do with blogging over the internet...this is a person that went from lying through cyber space, to actually meeting and conning a real person in real life, not to mention a federally recognized 501 (c) 3 not for profit foundation.  Sessions like this can range from $900.00 to $1500.00 or more, depending on the amount of work done.  Not to mention, rights and usage for the images.  All of this is donated by the volunteer photographers.  I cannot imagine what this photographer is feeling right now.

As a bereaved mother, and then as a CoFounder of Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, I am beyond words, as to my emotions.  I am disgusted by this woman's behavior, and am insulted that she has mocked each and every bereaved parent.  She has made a mockery of our heartache, our pain, ourselves and our deceased children.  Some of us have tried so hard to bring awareness to infant loss, the grief associated with it and ways of remembrance and then this one deceitful person comes along and ridicules our pain and yes, the love we have for our child.  

I have gone through and read the comments left by some people regarding her behavior.  What stands out the most is that this is being made out to be something that it shouldn't be.  This should not be about peoples view on abortion, whether you are pro choice or pro life.  This shouldn't be about religion, and making fun of the 'Christians' and placing blame on them for being so gullible and believing what she wrote.   The people that reached out to her should be applauded.  Not blamed.  This is not their fault.  All blame should be placed on one person and one person alone.  Beccah Beushausen.  



Jen said...

Amen! I'm sickened as a Mother to Angel's that someone would do this to other people... to make their hearts ache for her and pray for her when in fact it was all fake. As a volunteer professional photographer for NILMDTS I'm sad that she would misrepresent herself to gain a free professional photography session and images.

Claire Wise Photography said...

thank you for your continued work on this - and you are correct. My heart has ached over this entire situation.

ABCDE=Party of 5 for ME! said...

I'm so sorry your agency DID do the photos, I was hoping she was lying about this as well. I've followed your site and have friends who have used your services. I really hope the photographer that gave her time doesnt quit because she was taken advantage of like that... or that other photographers dont get hindered as well! What you people do is amazing, and I pray I never need your services.... but am so thankful that they are there if I do. My miscarriages were two of the hardest situations i've ever had to go through, and would have loved to have had something, anything to remember those babies by. I cant imagine parents farther along loosing little ones and the peace and comfort you (NILMDTS) bring! Please pass on my prayers to the photographer that DID do these pictures, and tell her they were beautiful.... and not to let one bad apple ruin what a great work she (and NILMDTS) are doing!

Please keep up the good work, and know how much we all pray for you all!

I did follow Becca's blog, found myself crying for her, and praising good for April Rose as well as praying for her little life. I cant call it the "April Rose" situation because I still feel protective of this life that didnt exist, and feel blame should be put where blame is due.... with Beccah. Thanks for pointing that out!

Laura said...

I am so sorry to hear that your agency was used in this way by this deceitful person. She is a very sick individual indeed.

Stephanie said...

This breaks my heart and sickens me. I am a mother to an angel, I also recieved the wonderful services of NILMDTS and I still cant not find a way to thank them for the wonderful support, staff, message board, everything. If it wasn't for those photo's I probably wouldn't be able to move forward and see the beauty that was in my sweet Vayden. How dare someone use the services and lie, what would make someone lie about their child being ill in utero? I went to every dr apt praying that they would say they had made a mistake. It just makes me so mad that ppl take advantage of the walking angels we do have here on earth. Shame on that woman