Monday, April 20, 2009

Thoughts and prayers please...

Click HERE to read about what happened at Columbine High School.

Today is the anniversary of the Columbine Shootings. My thoughts and prayers are with ALL the families that were involved. This event hits close to home, especially now that I have two children who attend highschool within 2 miles of Columbine. We have visited the memorial and it is simply beautiful. (picture courtesy of the Denver Post)

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Our Family Blog said...

Hey C,

Ya know Elijah was born at 7:30pm ET, which was 5:30pm here in CO on April 20, 1999. As I was progessing in labor I was watching this on the news. I remember praying to God for their families, for these children, for this heartache. As I gave birth to Elijah and was finally able to hold him (which was the next day) I asked him if he met those beautiful children on his way here. My heart was broken for their families and all I could pray was that God would some day give them peace and healing.