Friday, April 17, 2009

Drought? What Drought?

If you haven't been watching the news, you would not know that we had a huge storm blast through Colorado last night and all day today.  Surprisingly, all of the kids had school.  Nat's did get early release, but poor Chase and Anna had to drill out the whole day...poor things.

Baxter just loves the snow...
Our trees were getting scary looking.  Looked like the were snow monsters ready to come alive and eat us...
Poor, poor Jeter Dog...look at his little balls...
Here is Anna, of course having some fun...Looks like she was trying to tumble (which she was not) and got stuck...LOL!!!
Our back deck around 7pm
The Girls, and Baxter...Having some fun.
On my way picking up Chase and Anna from the bus stop in Evergreen.  Only took them an hour to get from school to home.  I thanked the bus driver profusely for getting my kids home safely. 


Our Family Blog said...

I love the picture of Natalie's back and Jeter looking at you "like no mom, I don't want her to take me out there - HELP!"

Too Cute,


Rosalie said...

Great photos and video!