Thursday, April 23, 2009

Colorado interests:

Sculpture's journey

Luis Jimenez, an award-winning artist, was commissioned to create a 32-foot horse sculpture, called Mustang, for display at Denver International Airport. The artist lost his life and the city's cost more than doubled on the road to the sculpture's installation.

1992: City of Denver commissions the sculpture for $300,000 with a 1996 delivery date.

2001: The city changed the planned location of Mustang to inside the terminal, from a site on Pena Boulevard.

2003: After several delays, the city sued Jimenez to get its $165,000 advance payment back. Jimenez, countersued because DIA wanted to place his sculpture inside.

2004: An agreement was reached calling for Jimenez to meet certain deadlines leading to installation of the piece and Mustang would be installed outside. Jimenez would receive the remaining $135,000 on his contract.

2005: Jimenez continued to miss deadlines.

2006: Jimenez was killed when part of the sculpture fell on him in his New Mexico studio.

2007: The city took possession of the sculpture in mid-October. The piece took a detour to California for repairs and safety upgrades. A budget of $350,000 was approved to rehab the sculpture, ship it, install it and dedicate it.

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