Thursday, December 25, 2008


I have to tell you that Natalie woke up very soon after Santa left our house.  I was already back in bed, when I heard her come into our room.  She had been sleeping on the lower level...She climbed into bed next to me.  She was so quiet.  All of a sudden I heard this giggle...a very long giggle.  A giggle so long, and so strong, that she shook the bed.  Seriously.  Her giggling went on and off for about one hour.  I wish I had my video camera rolling for this.  I have NEVER witnessed anything more cuter from her.  

So, why was she giggling?  Of course she had to have peeked at her present from Santa Claus, on her way up to my bed.  She was so precious...what an incredible memory!  

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