Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Prayer request...

I just received this email from a reader of my blog. I am sending out this prayer request to her and her family, and to the lady that is receiving her kidney. This is such an incredible sacrifice that she is making for this woman. When I was donating my kidney, one woman from my bible study group said to me that I was laying my life down to give life to another. At the time, it didn't feel that way, but now looking back, I can understand what she was saying.

So, Ailey Ellis, you are in my prayers. I ask that God protect you and keep you safe. May the gift you are giving to your 'friend' be successful, and may you both have a long and healthy life.

You should feel very good about what you are doing. I still have no regrets...Blessings, Cheryl

"My sister forwarded your link to me. I am giving my kidney to a woman who goes to church with me. Our only connection is that our kids sang in the Christmas choir together. She is very worried about me and I think your story helped her understand how I feel through your words. God bless you! Pray for us on our surgery on Sept. 16. Blessings to your family and to Lauries."
Ailey Ellis

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Marisa in Alabama said...

I will defiantly be praying. I am also a kidney donor. I donated in July of 2007 to a stranger, now we are like family, but it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. And now I am healthier then I have ever been.