Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting ready to drive...

Drive a car, drive me crazy, drive me into an early grave...I am talking about Chase. The day will soon be upon us. Chase will turn 15 on October 22nd. I have started looking into driving schools for him. The best program that I have found here is Master Drive. I don't think it is just enough for Mike and I to teach him to drive. I really want him to have more...and it is not cheap. He can start taking the classroom instructions 30 days before he turns 15, then he can get his permit and start driving with Mike and I. He also takes a defensive driving course, which I find amazing, then he starts logging freeway and road time...So, my little boy is growing up. We have already started talking about buying him a car. Nothing fancy. I had wanted him to take my Toyota, which is still a possibility, but Mike and Chase both say it's a girl car. IS NOT!

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