Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hair today, gone today...

Chase, September 13th, @12:44pm
Chase, September 13th, @12:46pm
Chase, September 13th, @ 1:05pm
Chase's hair, September 13th, @ 1:12pm
Chase, September 13th, @1:15pm

Yes, he had decided to cut his hair. Mike and I did not make him, only encouraged him. He and his friend Cole, decided they wanted to buzz cut their hair. I suggested that they go to the salon, where Mike and I get our hair cut, (and Chase) and let Courtney (the stylist) do what ever she wanted to their head. Then, if they didn't like it, they could buzz it all off. Fortunately, they both liked their styles. No buzz...

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Davis Family Blog said...

WOW!!! How handsome!!! Chase you look GREAT!!!