Saturday, July 19, 2008

What's up...Cheryl's Movie Review.

Let's see...Chase left for Florida on the 12th with his friend John. He comes home on Monday the 21st. Natalie left on the 10th for Steamboat Springs again with a friend, for three nights. So it has been a girl week. While Nat was gone, Anna and I went to see the Movie WANTED. (very good) Angelina Jolie, truly is hot! She plays these roles, so well. And James Mcvoy...well, let me just say he has passed Patrick Dempsey on my A list...I first noticed him in Atonement, then last night we rented Penelope. He is a cutie. Anna thinks so too.

So, yesterday the girls and I went to see Momma Mia...Anna had been really wanting to see this. It was really cute. I am impressed with the singing. So, I recommend all the above mentioned movies. I have added an ABBA song to my playlist. Hope you enjoy!

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