Thursday, July 10, 2008

Family Vacation. FINAL-Mixed images

Ok, so I want to wrap up my vacation posts. Again, I can't stress enough, what a wonderful time we had at Lake Havasu. This is also due to the fact of having not to worry about NILMDTS. It was wonderful and relaxing knowing that somebody (Jessica) was taking care of this organization. I remember being in Havasu two years ago, and always carrying my cell phone with me. Trying to check my VM when I found a signal. (not often)
So, thank you to all, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Havasu Sunset
Kylie and Anna
Kylie and John
Natalie and Julia
Katie and Natalie
Anna and Kylie
Chase and Mike
Ali and Cheryl

Jamie and Kylie in the water
Anna Onassis

Katie, Anna and Nat
Me and Ali
John and Mike
Kylie, Anna and Katie
Nat, Katie and Anna in the back...

Chase hiding behind his foot...
My little buddy...

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