Thursday, July 10, 2008

Family Vacation. Part 3

Leaving Steamboat on Sunday...Heading to Las Vegas to pick up Mike, the kids and I ran into a little delay. Before getting to Rifle Colorado, there were three brush fires. The fireman thought it was due to a car or truck dragging a chain. The sparks ignited the dry brush. Thankfully only 20-30 acres were burned. Came close to two homes with barns, but firefighters were able to quickly contain the fire...Yeah FireFighters!!!

Coming up, you could see the smoke and the news helicopter.
This was just the front of the line...

They moved some of the cars to make way for more firetrucks. This gave us the opportunity of a front row seat. Something new for the kids to learn. It was really cool to see the men, clear the paths for the trucks. And the equipment that was used.

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