Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So sad, and mad...


There are many, many people in this world, that will never be given the chance to be called Mommy and Daddy.  

Why did this girl feel like she had no other choice, but to kill her child?  Was she afraid of people finding out she was pregnant?  What others would think?  WELL, what are they thinking of her now? Why did this girl have nobody to turn to for help or advice?  Why, oh why are there so many stories of 'parents' killing their children? 

Sad thing is, that you can google baby dumped  and come up with pages of different stories. :(

Please, remember...there are people out there that will adopt these children, give them a good home...and LOVE THEM!  Consider that.  If you are a pregnant teenager, and don't know what to do, talk to your parents, school councilor, even a friends parent.  Talk to somebody.  Know your options...Don't be known as the girl that was pregnant and killed her baby.  

I have to mention the movie JUNO one more time on my blog.  Some groups threw a stink about an unwed teenager having sex and getting pregnant.  Look at the choice she made in that movie.  She didn't make the choice to deliver the baby, then dump it!  Let's think about that.  

The title of my post is So Sad, and Mad...I can't decide which one I more am.  Why did my baby have to die, when I loved and wanted him so much?

And, I really don't want to get into the topic of social services and their role in adoptions.  Why do you need a license for a pet, but yet, anybody can have a child...

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Shannon said...

Unfortunately, as a society, we started long ago down this oh-so-slippery path which does not value life. I know what you mean and entirely agree with you. If these young women would, for one second, think with love rather than acting so selfishly. After all, it is with love that babies are adopted out. With love that these young women carry their child and let their child go to another loving family. For some reason, society has branded adoption as those children being unloved and unwanted. But precisely the opposite is true: Those children are fully loved by both the birth parents and adoptive parents.