Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An impulse buy...

So, Rhonda fell in love with Baxter.  He is such a good dog. Very Mellow...He's a beast, don't get me wrong, but a gentle Beast!  Well, when we got Baxter, we got him from a breeder in Mexico Missouri.  They shipped him to us. So, Rhonda got this idea, that she wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog, too.  They have recently had to put two family dogs down...:(  They have this huge farm, lots of land...a dog's paradise, ya think?  So, guess what we did?  Yea, she and I got in the car and drove three hours up and three hours back to pick up Little Bear.  

Baxter Bear
Baxter Bear
Little Bear and his new Mommy, Rhonda Brown.  Little Bear is Baxter's half brother.  How cool is that?  Same Daddy, different Mommy.
I tried, really I did...to bring home Sugar. (Pictured with me above...)  But, my husband put his foot down...well actually he said, if I got rid of Jeter, I could bring home Sugar.  Nice huh?  Like I could get rid of my dog!  

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