Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cheer Central Christmas Community Service

As most of you know, my daughters cheer with Cheer Central Suns. This is our second year, and the second Christmas Charity we have participated in. Below is the information:

Cheer Central is pleased to be partnering with the Denver Chophouse and their Miracle on 19th Street Foundation. The Denver Chophouse will feed nearly 3000 homeless people on Christmas Day. In addition, they will provide these homeless families with daily essentials such as toiletries, clothing and more.

Cheer Central is doing a JAMMIE drive to help the cause!! We are providing pajamas--sizes Newborn through Youth XL to give to kids during this day. There is a contest between teams, and we ask that EVERYONE get involved!! It is such an important lesson to teach our athletes that there are always those who need help. Thank you for joining us in this worthy cause!!

The girls picked out jammies that were age appropriate to Maddux, if he were still alive. Anna is holding a 4T and Natalie is holding a 3T. The girls have always been age appropriate to clothing size. Chase had always been off the charts. Even now...So, I am thinking that Maddux would have been closer to the 4T. Just another reminder, of what should have been. Don't you agree...?


Davis Family Blog said...

Hey C,

Do they have to be new or can I donate some from Mason that he only wore once or twice...?


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