Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Interview with Univision Television

Bumping this to the top. The segment was beautiful. One of the best we have ever had done. I want to share this with you. I don't know how to speak spanish, even tho, you can still understand the language of love. Beautiful piece. http://www.kcectv.com/noticias.php?cat=noticias


Had an amazing interview today with Univision Television. I am so happy to see this happening, and the word about NILMDTS reaching everybody. You know, the death of a child can happen to anyone of us, as most of us here already know. The death of a child does not discriminate. Race, Religion, Rich or Poor, none of that matters. I know I used to think that 'this' could never happen to ME! Seriously, I am in excellent health, no family history, three previous healthy pregnancy's, three healthy older children. Not ME!!! Boy, was I wrong. Death hit me, and death hit me hard. And if 'it' can happen to me, my gosh, 'it' can happen to anyone. Sorry, but it is true.

But here I am today. And what a beautiful day it was. One thing I talked about was my grief. Does it ever get any easier? What about time? Does time truly heal all wounds?

No, I don't think my grief has gotten any easier. Or that time has healed my wounds. I just think that over time, I have gotten stronger. Strong enough to carry my grief.

A friend sent me the image above, and I so think it is appropriate. Thanks for listening...

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