Friday, March 14, 2008

Gift from a stranger:

Click his name to read what it says:

I have never thought about what Maddux's name meant. Is that not odd of me? I know that Mike picked his name after baseball player Greg Maddux.

So, today in the mail I receive a beautiful gift from a stranger. A gift from her heart. This is perhaps one of the most treasured gifts I have ever received, and again, from a beautiful stranger...Here is what she has given me"

"Enclosed you will find a special gift for you and your family in honor of your son, Maddux. After having done this for some time now, I have had the opportunity to witness the divine purpose God has in the names He has given us and how well-suited they are for each person and who they are meant to be. I searched the web for the meaning of Maddux as it was surprisingly not in the resources I have on hand. I wanted to share with you what I found and hope it gives you great comfort and joy."

"His name means "Giver". One listed it as "Benefactor" which I loved. I am a word nut, so I went to to find other synonyms. The list couldn't be more appropriate...I'm sure you will agree."

"Helper, advocate, angel, champion, comforter, defender, preserver, sponser, supporter, sustainer, upholder, donor, contributor, Good Samaritan, humanitarian, philanthropist, promoter, protector."

"However, this was my favorite part."

"A benefactor is someone who provides a gift. A benificiary is someone who receives it."

"God's plan is always so much bigger than what we see with our own human eyes. He had a strategic purpose for Maddux's life and for making him yours. Your love and obedience has fulfilled the very gift and purpose God had for his life, and, as a result, you are blessing the lives of many others. Hebrews 13:20-21"
Her name is Kelly Hansen, and her gift is Inspirational with a message.
Kelly's gift will be a blessing in my life forever!

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