Monday, July 30, 2007

Titanic Exhibit at the Denver Museum

If you know me at all, you know that one of my favorite movies is Titanic. I can watch this movie over and over...So when I found out that artifacts from the Titanic were going to be at the Denver Museum, I had to go. It was really interesting. What was really cool...When you entered the exibit, you received a boarding pass. This boarding pass had information on it about a real passenger boarding Titanic. At the end you were able to see if your person survived.

I was Mrs. John G. Sage (Annie Elizabeth Cazaly) (44) from Peterborough, England. My husband and our nine children (oldest being 20 and the youngest was 4) were traveling to Jacksonville Florida, in pursuit of a better life. My husband, John, purchased a pecan orchard there. Well, sad story is, we were traveling 3rd class. None of us survived. My family was the largest lost (in numbers of family members) on the Titanic. Really sad, huh?

Natalie was Miss Annie J. "Nina" Harper (6) 2nd Class-Survived
Chase was the Reverend John Harper (Nina's father) - Died
Anna was Miss Jean Gertrude Hippach (16) 1st class - Survived. She was traveling Europe with her mother trying to recover from the death of two brothers in the Chicago Iroquois Theater fire.

I really found this educational not only to my kids, but myself as well, by giving us these boarding pass of actual people aboard the Titanic. Please read the links above about the passengers on the Titanic.

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