Friday, July 13, 2007

Evergreen Storm Baseball

' NatGirl'
Evergreen Storm and the Lakewood Tigers
Evergreen Storm Players and Parents

Ok, I know alot of you are wondering what happened at State playoffs...
We played alot of incredible teams. The Storm made it to the Championship Game, beating Dakota Ridge to get there. Congratulations to the Lakewood Tigers for 1st Place. Congratulations to the Evergreen Storm for 2nd Place.
Score 5-4 Very Close!!!

I would like to express my disapointment with how this tournament was run. This was the STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS! It felt like just another ball game. All of these teams that made it this far paid alot of money to play in the State Championships. I would be very interested in knowing where this money went to. There was no hype whatsoever. Nothing was advertised. Even the concessions closed early...Most fields were not prepared. There was no backup for rained out games. Shame on them...
On an upnote: At least we had lights...

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