Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What a gift I received, from a NILMDTS photographer and friend...

Dear Cheryl,
Merry Christmas!
Each year as I receive cards I tape them on a large, long vertical cabinet to display so everyone we can see them daily and prominently. I love this time of year. In the middle of our display is the card you sent, I taped it so Maddux's photo was showing, (not that the other side was not equally gorgeous!) But I had to choose 1 side, so it was his. Surrounding Maddux's photo are several other cards with photos of babies I have worked these last two years OR their younger brothers and sisters. Because of Maddux and YOUR persistence, those families have beautiful photos of their angels which they otherwise would not have. Their babies left this world with dignity, respect and honor, they were here and they were loved and the family has photos to prove it. When I looked at the photos, it was a little overwhelming to see what this one little baby boy has accomplished in his brief life. You and Maddux have touched the lives of families literally thousands of miles away. How many adults can say the same. And this is coming from just one photographer making an observation, there are so many more, I'd be interested to know just how many families have been reached because of you and your son. I'm so proud of you and of the gift you have given others through your son. Just thought I'd share.......
Merry Christmas Cheryl!!

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