Friday, November 9, 2007

The Kyle David Miller Foundation

I thought it was necessary to post this information for new parents. Christine Miller is also from Colorado, and I must applaud her for the awareness/difference she is making from the tragic death of her son Kyle. I too, have been guilty of installing a car seat wrong, or using it wrong. Please take the time to read this information, and read the information on installing your child's car seats. Be sure to check in your local areas for car seat check point stations. Take advantage of these services and offerings. Our children are very precious.

The goals of the Kyle David Miller Foundation are:
1. To educate the public about seatbelt failure and carseat safety.
2. To provide safe carseats to those who otherwise could not afford them.
3. To seek and promote legislation that will increase driver safety through more stringent testing standards.
4. To work with auto manufacturers toward the continued improvement of seatbelts and vehicle safety devices.

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