Sunday, August 26, 2007

About Chase...

Mom had some homework this weekend...Had to write about my son Chase to his teachers.
I wanted to share this with you:


Chase was born in California October 22, 1993 to Michael and Cheryl Haggard. He was our first born. Chase has two younger sisters, Anna 11 and Natalie 7, and a younger brother, Maddux who was born in 2005 and died at the age of 6 days. Our family moved from Florida to Colorado in 2003. We wanted to make the move before Chase started middle school. He left many close friends in Florida, which he still sees every summer and spring break.

Our son Chase, truly has a beautiful soul. He has a good heart and is respectful to his elders and friends. He is very talented with a computer, loves to read and is an exceptional baseball player. We are encouraging him to learn Spanish, so he may speak it fluently one day and teach his mother.

Chase does enjoy school. Chase is a good student, and makes good grades. We both think that EMS is too easy for him. We don’t think that he applies himself 100%. We basically think he does enough to ‘get by,’ with A’s and B’s. He never seems to come home with any homework, telling us that he finished it all in school. We have never had a teacher complain about him or his work.

We believe Chase’s strong points in school are reading, and writing. He has an incredible and very active imagination. If we had to pick a weakness, maybe Science, but he has never expressed trouble or dislike with any subject. Chase is not shy about asking questions, but might not seek help if he has trouble understanding something, especially if it has already been taught and demonstrated. I think that this part of him would try to figure it out himself, instead of making himself look unfavorable in the eyes of a teacher.

We are very proud to have Chase as our son. He has never done anything to disappoint us or cause us heartache. Through his actions, we are judged as parents. As far as accomplishments, what can we say? He is 13 years old. We hope that one day the world sees us, through him.

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