Thursday, October 9, 2008


This year, I continue to honor, not only my son Maddux, but all those tiny lives that have left us too soon. I will do this by continuing to reach out to newly bereaved parents and those parents who are not newly bereaved, but know all too well, that our wounds can open in an instant, and the pain and heartache is as fresh as the day our beloved child died. I will continue to be the best mom a child can have. The best wife that a husband could hope for. And a caring and productive human being.

Everyday I mourn the death of my son, but every day I am blessed by the fact that I knew him. That I was chosen to be him mommy. That he is MINE. MY SON! Today, I feel like am the luckiest mother in the world. And today, my world is a better place, because he was here.


Davis Family Blog said...

Cheryl, To all the people who don't get IT! May they someday understand our pain, our grief, our loss. Never would I want them too to experience our loss but to only understand IT! Maddux has made you the most AMAZING, Mother, Wife, and to me FRIEND! I can say without a doubt that I could have never healed the way I did if it weren't for your friendship and support! I'm so thankful, so gratful, SO BLESSED to know you!!

Corie said...

Wow...well said. I understand the feeling of being forgotten and its only been 9 months for me. Hard that some just move on and don't take the time to acknowledge a life well lived!

I know I have never met you (would love to! I live in Denver) but your sweet baby will NEVER be forgotten. You see, I lost my son in January of this year and was given the gift of pictures from Now I lay Me Down. I have no words for you or your family, just complete and TOTAL gratitude. I will never have to worry about wondering what Larson looked like, I will always get to share his remarkable life.
Thank you Haggard family and baby Maddox for starting something so incredible but because you had to go through something so difficult. Ok Ive rambled...just THANK YOU!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Cheryl, well said. As a mom of several angel babies... specifically one baby girl, Destiny, I feel your pain. It's easier for most to pretend that it didn't happen. Unfortunately, that's not an option for us. Maddux will never be forgotten!

Laura said...

Thank you so much! I have five angel babies and never knew about this until reading your blog. I think that NILMDTS is one of the most precious gifts ever given. I used think that losing my babies earlier in pregnancy rather than later spared me what mothers that had babies born still or shortly after birth went through. But it is like my babies never existed and I did not lose anything although my heart was shattered and my dreams of them never died. It is hard never getting to say hello before you have to say goodbye. Thank you for providing a voice for all of our silent sorrows.