Saturday, February 4, 2006

Maddux's first Heavenly Birthday

On February 4th, 2006 both of my daughters had a cheerleading competition at the Denver Colliseum. The youth team took 1st place and the juniors took 2nd place. Not bad for a team that has only been together for less that a year. My husband was home, and we were able to share this day with very good friends. Thank you Ali, Tony, Chris, Tammy G. for all your kind words and thoughts. Thank you for mentioning Maddux, and that this day was his birthday. After the Jamfest, I took my oldest daughter Anna (9) to get her ears pierced. Then we all went to Ted's and ate dinner. Now, this is the fun part. For 11 months, I had talked about getting a tattoo. Yes, you heard me right. A tattoo. I NEVER thought in my life that I would get one. At first, after Maddux's death, I just wanted his name below my c section line. Something simple and private. Something just for me-noone else. (I can't believe that I am sharing this...) So after dinner, my friend Ali (who has stuck with me through thick and thin) started driving around. My husband took the kids with Tony, back to their place. (Shaking his head all the way home.) He would prefer that I not get one, and honestly, didn't think I was serious. I had checked prior with some people who had tattoos, (where else, but Tokyo Joes-one of the best fast food japanese restraunts in Denver-their motto has something to do with "the few, the proud, the pierced...) about places in Denver. Ali and I walked into one, and literally ran out there. I decided to try one more. Thinking as we walked in, if this place is like the first, I'm done. It wasn't. Very nice, clean and friendly. They new exactly what I wanted and what I was looking for, (of course, by that time I had changed my mind from just his name to a little Pooh Bear with angel wings, and his name.) So...below are some photos. Courtesy of my friend Chris Pepe, who we called at 11pm to come "play" with us. My friend Ali holding my hand (it hurt her more than it hurt me...)And please don't think we dress alike all the time. (Girls had a cheer competions. We were showing our support.) Then, my little Classic Pooh Bear with Angel Wings, and Maddux's name underneath.
I love my tattoo...

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