Saturday, June 21, 2008

Done with the house...

Just missing two slats to the garage door, due to my backing out when the garage was not in the full upright position...It is hard to adjust from a solid brown house, to one with color. Kinda like going from blonde to burnette, all in one day. But, I really like it.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Baxter's teeth

Baxter had to have surgery today to clean his teeth...Yuck. I keep telling my kids, if they don't brush, this is going to happen to them.
Here are some before and afters...

Friday, June 13, 2008

Shaved Kitty...

Bugaloo loves to get shaved in the summer. She is our little tiger...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I am taking Chase to a baseball lesson today down in Denver, and his friend was with us. So was Nat nat. I pull up to Taco Bell to get the kids some quick food. Chase's friend is out the door and in TB while I am helping Chase with some baseball gear. From the side of the car, I can see his friend talking to somebody inside, looked like a girl. My first thought: How nice, he knows a friend down here. As I enter TB, it is a man, with a pony, and a red bandanna tied around his head. The man immediately pulls away from Chase's friend. I give (friend) the look, like is everything ok, and he nods yes. I order food, for here or to go, I said here. We sit at a table, and I ask him if everything is ok. What did he say? He kinda shakes his head, like he doesn't want to talk. I ask him if he wants to leave, and he says yes. So, wrap food, and in the car we go, doors locked.

Chase's friend said this guy came up to him, asked him if he was from a certain school, if he smoked weed, and if he wanted some. Called him some names, and then invited him to eat with him and his sleazy girlfriend and equal sleazy friend.

COME ON PEOPLE!!! What is wrong with some people in this world? What kind of person offers a 14 year old weed. If you want to treat yourself like that, dig your own hole. But why try to get somebody to dig with you. Shame on you stupid, stupid people...Shame on the growers, sellers, buyers and users. This behavior simply disgusts me!

I have three children I am trying to raise. Teaching them to be drug free, smoke free. And we can't even eat at a Taco Bell, without some doped out, trashy, skuzzy, scumbag, punk ass, bandanna wearing, gang looking fool trying to destroy that. And for what reason. His own selfish one. Again, shame on you!

I am pissed. As I sit here writing, I wonder, should I have done something more. Should I have gotten out of my car and confronted this idiot? What would have happened? Would he have beat me up, pushed me around, pulled a knife, or a gun? Killed me in broad daylight in front of these children? Would not have put it past him. Doped out punk!

I absolutely love these commercials.

So do my kids... I think smoking by far one of the nastiest things a human can do.

In this 1971 Face the Nation Television interview, Morton Mintz of the Washington Post confronts Joseph Cullman, III (then Chairman of the Board of Philip Morris) with information about a massive study done in the United Kingdom that showed that babies of smoking mothers had a greater incidence of low birth weight than non-smoking mothers, and that babies of smoking mothers had an increased risk of stillbirth and death within 28 days of birth. Cullman acknowledged that he was aware of the study and its results. His response:
"Some women would prefer having smaller babies."
When Mintz asked Cullman "What about the higher rate of death?" Cullman replied, "I'm not familiar with that."

Remembering the Fallen...

Monday, June 9, 2008

More Art work

Hey Debbie,
Thought you'd like to see more of the kids art work. I have alot more, but it would take me all night to photograph and blog. Hope you enjoy.
The kids get their talent from their Aunt Debbie and Grandma Haggard. Chase's when he was like in 1st grade...This is not a color by number...
My wall of art work

Some fun with the girls...

If you could read the sign it says:
No Climbing on rocks. $1000.00 Fine or 100 Days in Jail.
I am such a rebel...

Our Motto??? Don't tell...don't ask. Top Left to Right: Erin and Heather, Bottom Left to Right: Cheryl, Sam and Tasha. It's really cool to have professional photographers as friends...

Message to Maddux

Cute, huh?