Monday, June 12, 2006

Natalie's Dream


My daughter Natalie (6), every time we go to a restaurant that hands out balloons, she ALWAYS writes a note to Maddux on it, and then releases it when we leave. Last night she released two. One for Maddux, and one for baby Daniel.She woke up this morning and said Maddux and Daniel came down from Heaven and played with her. She touched her left cheek and said Maddux kissed her right there and thanked her for the balloon. She said Daniel gave her a big hug around her waist. She just had this amazed look in her eyes. I am such a believer... After she woke up and told me her story, she went and got paper and a pen. She started drawing what she experienced. My guess is to her drawing is like us journaling...She made alittle book...Here it is...I just asked her to explain her story to me, page by page...

Page 1.) Natalie and Maddux playing peek-a-boo. Natalie is in the house, Maddux is outside...

Page 2.) Natalie has a surprise for Maddux and Daniel...(she spelt Daniel-Danyl.)

Page 3.) Natalie tells Maddux and Daniel that she loves them...,

Page 4.) Maddux tells Natalie that he loves her. So does Daniel. Natalie tells them that she loves them too.

There is an Angel in the middle that Natalie says is taking Maddux and Daniel back up to Heaven. Here is the kicker...She says the Angel's name is Lindsey.

Let me tell you about Lindsey...I have a photographer friend named Scott, who lost is first born daughter, Lindsey. I think she would be around 19 now. I have joked with Scott since the day I met him, that his Lindsey is in Heaven, babysitting Maddux and his buddies. Only, Maddux would be the unruly child...I can see Lindsey, tied to a chair, hands and feet bound, and Maddux, dancing around her, Indian Style...